Silcare® company is  an enterprise which develops in many different directions. We specialize in the production of:

- cosmetics based on light-curable polymers,
- creams and lotions based on water/ oil emulsions,
- polishes and enamels based on nitrocellulose,
- cleaning and disinfection supplies,
- OEM/ODM branding.

  The experience we have gained over many years working with our home and foreign customers - have allowed us to offer a complete service of to any cosmetic production (OEM / ODM) - even in a very complicated UV technology. The customer can present us any idea of cosmetic production, which we will try to develop and create based on our receipes. We will choose both ingredients, wrapper and the most convenient way/technology to produce the final product.

  We focus also on the quality - for many years we have been working on our formulas, going a step further - by depriving them of typical defects of the competition. We place a special emphasis on customer satisfaction and excellent cosmetic production in every way. We strictly control every stage of production - from the purchase of components, selection of technologies, equipment - through graphic design and choice of wrapper.
We carry out regular inspections of both the production, supplies and confection department.
We cooperate with the world's largest chemical market leaders: BASF, CIBA, UNIVAR.

  We have among our machines agitators to production of O / W - W / O emulsions, as well as vacuum dissolvers. Thanks to these modern devices we are able to produce high quality emulsions and polymers, both from our own formulas and recipes based on the formulas of our customers.

We invite to cooperate with us!